Learning to Like Coffee

I am not sure when it happened but it did. The black bitter stuff was added at the base of my food pyramid. I remember my Grandad sucking the stuff down. He was the first intro to the liquid that has produced yellow stained teeth.

However, I did not really start with my daily addiction until my college/career days. I did not use it as a sleep delayer. I used it because, it appeared to me, that is what grown-ups did. They sat around a table and slurped bad tasting brew. Then, they ranted about how good it was. It seemed odd.

Yet, I followed suit. I even ordered the stuff black. Clint Eastwoodish if you will.

"No cream, thank you."

Drinking coffee is a rite of Passage in some ways. Typically that rite is not embraced by taste buds. The sipper is usually embacing a culture. Amazing how a lifetime love begins with something most people snarl upon the first encounter.

So the point? Is none. Make your own applications. I have to go grind some beans.

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