Columbine Lawsuits and Here We Go Again

Tact is a good skill to learn. It takes the edge off your thoughts just enough so the message can be heard. However, tact does not work well when trying to make big changes in culture or thought. Tact with all its smoothness does not create enough pain to encourage new direction. When fundamental changes in philosophy or direction are sought tact needs to take a back seat. Actually, tact needs to be thrown out on its ear. So, this story gets no tact.

"Columbine families are sueing computer game makers" was the headline that showed up in my news box yesterday. I read. I shook my head. Columbine is happening all over again.

BBC News indicates that the "..25 companies that produced some of the violent games that the shooters played created a ready environment for the massacre to happen".

The lawsuit states: "absent the combination of extremely violent video games and these boys' incredibly deep involvement, use of and addiction to these games and the boys' basic personalities, these murders and this massacre would not have occurred."

Brilliant. This attorney (John DeCamp)managed to solve every uncontrolled behavior in one drawn out sentence. Who are we kidding? Please, tell me that we as a mass of people don't buy into this junk. Please, tell me that I am dreaming. If I get the basic premise of this lawsuit then the drug addict who robs a local convenient store should sue their bosses who fired them because, after all, the boss cut off the cash flow and created a "stealing environment". The abusive husband should sue his dad because of learned behavior and his best friend because of the stress he caused after said husband lost a bet. This set up a horrible environment. Blame. Booooo.

When will we get it? When will someone stand up and take responsibility. I am tired of the talk shows. I will not listen to one more solution seeking session. Forget it. I am done. It has to start somewhere. It starts with Me saying I blew it when I lose my cool after slicing my finger open. It starts with ME telling it straight when asked why the car did not get the oil changed. No more excuses. No more "stress induced fits". No more blame.

The Village does cringe when innocent people are in the path of those who choose to blame instead of sucking it up and dealing. We have all been on BOTH sides. It starts out with a word to the heart and evidently can go as far as a gun to the head. Wait, it seems like it can even escalate to a suit against a corporation. The cycle repeats.

So, If you are an individual, then take credit for what you do, good or bad. If you are a company use your head and you also need to take credit for what you create (that might mean raising your head from your corporate veil). We are all here on this planet living together. I would kind of like to think that we look out for each other.

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