Summary of Stories

On learning to like Coffee

Drinking coffee is a rite of Passage in some ways. Typically that rite is not embraced by taste buds. The sipper is usually embacing a culture. Amazing how a lifetime love begins with something most people snarl upon the first encounter.

Review of The 80/20 Principle by Richard Koch

So, what is to be gained by spending time reading this tome? Uh, time. You read right. Kochís premise is we donít have a scarce amount of time. In fact, he states that we have to much time.

Columbine lawsuits

"Columbine families are sueing computer game makers" was the headline that showed up in my news box yesterday. I read. I shook my head. Columbine is happening all over again...

Southern Comfort vs. Sweet Tea

I ambled into El Authentico, a local arm of a national Mexican food franchise, in search of a quiet place where I could peruse the latest edition of the Oxford American over a plate of beans and rice. But by my second swig from the salsa jug...

Old Timers

I noticed a relaxed older gentleman with a John Deere hat perched lightly on his head sitting across the room from me. He was straining to see the title of the book I was engrossed in (later he told me I was talking to myself).

Time and liars

All about the boring blah blah people spew to you. You know, "I don't have time..."

Re: Southern Comfort vs. Sweet Tea

"Now as to Mexican food in the South--well, it just isn't. My stepkids in Georgia swear by a place called El Durango and I have to eat there every trip. Its not bad, but its not Mexican..."

Wall Street Movie Quotes

A starter list of quotes for Bud fox, Gordon Gekko, and the rest of the players in the movie Wall Street.

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